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the studio is located nearby a road with heavy traffic

cars and trucks drive by in an endless stream

Sunshine loves his studio

Sunshine also loves sugar and hairspray and corn starch  and glitter

in the studio Sunshine has build a site that stimulates
appearing and disappearing

like children do

when they are happy
so where there is a yellow mountain there could also be

a deep black hole

Sunshine whishes that the surrounding of his body

looses its alien nature

Sunshine wishes to be at home outside of his body

but oh

even the plants could attack him

with their green force and with their blue force

if the studio would not protect him

which is a bit is scary

but only a bit scary

but the site is not about nature

and the site is not about civilization

there are only a lot of marks hints traces

like remainders of things that have disappeared

or seeds for something new to appear

Sunshine feels that his memory is similar to the environment he has built in the studio

similar in form

because if you look you see 

that what they call inner life

has a form

a spacial form and a temporal logic

and a logic of appearing and dis appearing

outside of the studio there are only trees and empty land

sharp edged trees and land

flat like a digital 3 D model
in his lost old memories

Sunshine tenderly touched screeens with his eyes

in a chamber

not totally in a chamber

thank god
In his lost old memories

trees gently spreaded a blanket above him
and softened the fear of inner and outer rooms
and the fear

of appearing and disappearing

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